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The Volumizer (Dryer & Brush in one)

  • NEGATIVE LONIC TECHNOLOGY - Negative ions saturate the airflow, conditioning the hair, making it shine and reducing the electrostatic. Get the hair you want. Reduces the build-up of static electricity in the hair, along with free antistatic bristles, completely eliminates frizz and enhances shine for silky smooth hair.
  • LESS DAMAGE - The hair dryer makes the hair dry, and the static electricity generated by the comb causes the hair to be deformed, bent, or lifted. One Step Hair Brush Dryer produces negatively charged ion particles and water vapor particles, neutralizing the positive charge often found in the hair, so it does not produce Static electricity, so as not to hurt the hair.
  • BASIC INFORMATION - 1000W power provides just the right heat. 3 temperature and 3 speed setting for choice, The 360° swivel cord for move freely. All settings are for more convenient use to customers. Efficient fast styling, less time, less damage. It would be more effective than traditional hair dryer.More love to your hair.
  • CUSTOMIZED SETTINGS - Coming with 3 temperature and 2 speed setting for flexible styling, it is beginner friendly and can be placed closer to the scalp for lift.Note: please do not block the air outlet, otherwise the hair dryer brush will be damaged.